About Us

The Diverse Voices in FSU STEM project seeks to call attention to the challenges faced by diverse and underrepresented groups in STEM as they progress through their academic career. This program aims to engage the entire FSU community in conversations that highlight what it means to be a STEM scholar in terms of one’s STEM identity. Link to the FSU Libraries Initiative page

The team that leads this initiative is made up of Florida State University Library employees from across the libraries. Membership in the organizing team include the following people:

  • Current:
    • Kelly Grove
    • Emily McClellan
    • Nick Ruhs
    • Shaundra Lee
    • Renaine Julian
    • Jonathan Daso
    • Bridgett Birmingham
    • Kyle Wilson
    • Kassidy Hof-Mahoney
  • Past:
    • Denise A. Wetzel
    • Tom Cruz
    • Preethi Gorecki
    • Josh Tijerino
    • Kirsten Tucker
    • Alaina Faulkner
Image by Harish Sharma from Pixabay